Records not registering?

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Major Bombylius
Records not registering?

I've added some records today and yesterday. They are showing in my records as Garden Bioblitz 2016 (entered through the Garden Bioblitz procedure) but they do not seem to be registering. If I click the link to browse my garden bioblitz records, they don't show.



It looks like you went direct to the menu link under Data Entry without actually signing up for the BioBlitz activity so you weren't a "member". Don't worry, I've signed you up and it should now be OK. The bad news is you have overtaken me on the league table!



Major Bombylius
Thanks John. I didn't know I

Thanks John. I didn't know I had to join the activity (you didn't need to in previous years?). I now see there is a initial question about posting your records to the 2016 Garden Bioblitz. I didn't spot that (unless it's just been added to prevent this problem happening again).

My records not registering either

I have followed the links in the email and entered loads of records into the Garden Bioblitz yesterday and none are showing.Trying to find out what I have done wrong and keep going round in circles!



How do I make myself a 'member'? I can't seem to find out how to do it. 


Wildforms - there was an

Wildforms - there was an issue with the date you'd entered your records on being outside the weekend. I've sorted this for you though so you are now on the league table.

jimmymac2 - the link you need to join up is

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