Help identifying a caterpillar

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Help identifying a caterpillar

Online the only possibility seems to be the American Leopard moth. The only problem is that it is in my garden in the West Midlands UK. Suggestions for possibilities please. It is all black with no other visible colour but a hint of an occasional faint white dot beneath the bristles on the skin. I have a photo.

James Emerson
Best try social media where a photo can be shown

This site isn't set up for ID requests - any suggestions without seeing your photo would be worthless. The best thing to do would be to put the photo and any other useful information (if you know what it was eating that will narrow it down a lot) onto a local wildlife Facebook group, or on Twitter etc. Failing that your region probably has a county moth recorder or Butterfly Conservation group who might be able to help.

Karenina Bennett
Help identfying a caterpillar

The Royal Entomological Society are brilliant for assistance with identification.  You can upload a picture to their site and they will respond by email. Sorry, I have only now seen your message, so a late but hopefully helpful response for the future.

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