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Scientific name on Pending screen

I feel it would be useful to view the scientific name on the Pending/Uploaded screen for each record. A good example of why this is important is if you enter 'Frog' you are recording the genus Rana, and not the species Rana temporaria. As a verifier I get many records which are incorrectly assigned to the genus and not the species, and that is partly a functio of the data entry not being particularly clear. I know this is also a result of the how the name occur in the species dictionary, but having the scientific name displayed (like the taxonomic group is displayed on the drop down list) would be helpful to users in spotting potential errors. You could also argue that the taxonomic group should also be shown to avoid similar confusion (Painted-lady plant vs Painted Lady butterfly). Has this been considered?


Hi Mark,

Hi Mark,

I have created a feature request for this!

Thank you,


Include English names

In the app I am unable to add records of Common Darter in English. Only listed as Sympetrum striolatum, but Ruddy darter etc listed. And I can never remember all the scientific names unless there is no English equivalent!

Gustav Clark
Common Darter

This was reported last August.  There is a group of taxa whose scientific names were changed, after which the common name ceased to be recognised - Lessey celandine and Common Ragwort were hit. .  In these cases both the generic and trivial names had changed, but I cannot see any such event for dragonflies.

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