Ongoing glitches

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Ongoing glitches

1. There seems to be ongoing glitches when entering records in the "Enter a Casual Record" form. On a blank record it is possible to set the Stage field to "Adult" and lock it in. However, when you then enter a species, the Stage field blanks out and the lock symbol disappears requiring you to re-enter it. 

2. I locked in the species name "Andrena nigroaenea". However, on entering the next record, the record would not save because it needed a valid species!

3. Locked in Stage as "Adult". Then enter species and Stage field blanks. Re-enter stage as "adult". Then enter Sex and Stage blanks again. Re-enter stage for third time!

None of these glitches ever used to occur when the Stage field was optional. Is anyone working on these glitches as this has been ongoing for weeks now?


Major Bombylius
adult stage glitches

There is an ongoing problem with the stage field. I edited one record in a batch. It then removed the "adult" entry in the stage field for all records in the batch. I had to re-enter them which counts as an "edit" so the records have to be re-verified which must be a pain for the verifiers. This is an old problem which has obviously not been solved.

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