iRecord not accepting records

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iRecord not accepting records

I am trying to enter records and constantly get an error message. Very frustrating

Barry Walter
Re: iRecord not accepting records

Please show the exact error message when reporting problems like this. If the error message mentions something like "occAttr:829", you must set (or reset) the Stage field in order to submit the record.

Not accepting record

Thanks. I have reset the stage field but I still get the following message

The data could not be saved.

Validation errors occurred when this form was submitted to the server. The form configuration may be incorrect as it appears the controls associated with these messages are missing from the form.

The value is required.
   (related to attribute [occAttr:872])

Not accepting record

I am also experiencing the same problem. All fields marked with an asterisk are filled in as normal but error is returned. Initial problem occurred yesterday afternoon - I have tried again this morning hopingthe server had been reset but get the same response.

Hi all - apologies for this.

Hi all - apologies for this. I've fixed the problem now though so it should be OK going forward.


Now accepting records

Thank you for sorting this

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