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Nancy Reed
Can't submit records

I've tried submitting records from our garden bioblitz several times - I can enter them with no problems, but every time I try to save or submit them using the appropriate buttons, nothing happens at all, even if I wait half an hour or so - there isn't even any sign of the browser processing something.... I've tried with just a few records, and it's still the same.... Help!

Hi Nancy Sorry you had

Hi Nancy

Sorry you had problems. I've not seen this issue before - can you let me know what browser you are using so I can try to reproduce it please?

Many thanks


Terry Crow
Save & submit

Although the Save and Submit tabs recognise they are action buttons when you hover over them with the mouse, nothing actually happens.

After spending so much time adding data, this is very frustrating.

Nancy Reed
This is exactly the same

This is exactly the same problem that I am having.

I am using chrome as my browser.


Hi Sorry for the problems you


Sorry for the problems you are having. Although I've not managed to reproduce this, I have made a change to the code which might fix it. Would it be possible to ask you to try again, perhaps with just a few records first to check it is working?

Kind regards


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