The Garden BioBlitz weekend is here!

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The Garden BioBlitz weekend is here!

Hi all
Garden BioBlitz weekend is here at last. Please feel free to post any questions or ask for help using the forms in this section of the forum.

Find out more about the Garden BioBlitz at, follow progress at, submit your records at or help with identifications at

And above all, have a great weekend!

John & the Garden BioBlitz team.

Contributing data sets??

Hello John and The Garden Bioblitz team.

Are the CEDaR records being counted this year?  There only seems to be a 2015 link - if we record here will our records be tagged appropriately for this years' count?

I know the underlying databases are connected - but I've rather record to my LERC than direct to the iRecord site.

Could you let me know if the Northern Irish records are being counted - they don't seem to be appearing in the main results page.


Hi Eleanor

Hi Eleanor

Due to a change of staff at CEDaR we'd not done anything to set up something specific to Northern Ireland this year. However if you want to use the forms from last year don't worry I'll make sure they get counted towards the results. It might not be till tomorrow though.

Best wishes


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