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david nicholls
Verify page

As a daily user of the verify page there are a few things which I would dearly like to see added.

As we have a team of verifyers, it isn't very clear when one of us has emailed the record to another expert for help or gone back to the recorder for more details. Whilst there is a statement on the comments tab this isn't immediately obvious. This sometimes leads to duplicate work or the rejection of the record when another verifyer has thought it useful to seek another opinion. It would be very helpful if there could be a flag of some kind on the grid to indicate that the record has been sent to an expert or the recorder. This doesn't have to take up much space - or none at all if a colour is used for example. If space was an issue, the feature we use least is the map so an option to hide/unhide this might be considered.

I also don't like the tabbed format as it takes extra clicks and page loads to see the various bits of information. There is blank space beneath the 'details' tabbed information where these other details could be displayed. It is easier to scroll down (if necessary) than search through the tabs. The comments info would be particularly useful to display in this way.

The facility to email the record details to another expert is very useful - but could be made better. It would be very helpful to add a 'copy to' box to enable other recipients to be sent a copy. It would be extremely useful too if the comments could record who the expert is that has been consulted. Could the primary email address be displayed here?

Another improvement would be to allow multiple records to be selected for verification in one click. Whilst this is possible for an individual recorder only if you are able to verify all at once. Often I want to leave an odd record for further consideration, or select multiple records from different recorders. How about a tick box option so you could quickly select any combination of records and verify them with a single click? It is very tedious if there are lots of records and each has to be individually selected and verified.