Contact from irecord questioning sighting

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Contact from irecord questioning sighting


I wondered what happens when someone raises a question about your sighting, 

I made a mistake once and recorded a magpie bird as a magpie moth, poor light no glasses, fine i edited and corrected the entry.

2nd contact came when I reported seeing a Mink on the river Lambourne last week, I did email also as I expected some Ceh or EA advise on trapping it and warning near by fish farm. but i cannot see anything or who to contact to confirm sighting once logged on here. 

iRecord support

Questions about your records on iRecord will usually have been sent by one of the volunteer verifiers who check the records on behalf of the recording schemes and projects that use iRecord (or else they will be one of the automated messages that iRecord sends out, see:

Once your record has been verified it will be collated by the relevant recording scheme, who will use the data alongside their other records to provide information on the species concerned. Verified records are available to the recording schemes direct from iRecord, so you don't need to report the record to the scheme separately. You may wish to report records in other ways of course, e.g. if you want to send details to a land manager, or if you want to send them to a recording scheme that isn't using iRecord. You can do that by going to the Download menu and downloading yout records into a spreadsheet.

iRecord is intended to support wildlife recording, and can't provide advice on trapping etc., so you'd need to contact a relevant organisation to pursue things further.

How to contact the verifier?

I have been asked to check  grid refs but cannot find the grid ref  its on iRecord - the verifier sent N/S ings - How do I get a mee=ssage to her??  The next page tells me that I am in training mode!!!

Please help

Diana Hall

Gustav Clark

The peope to contact over the mink sighting are Action for the River Kennet {ARK) .  There are good reports of Otter on the river and weaker evidence for Mink, plus some Water Vole sightings.

What is important is to report it on iRecord so the record gets verified and helps build the overall picture of the curent state.

James Emerson
Exit training mode, recheck record locations

Hi Diana.

There seem to be two different issues here. Firstly if you are in training mode you won't be able to submit any records. If you go to My Accout in the top right of the screen when you are signed in, then choose the edit tab, scroll down and untick the 'training mode' box, then save settings.

If a verifier has asked you to check some grid references then the inference is that they appear to be wrong, usually the place name and grid reference don't match up. So it doesn't matter that the verifier sent N/S ings, just have another look at the record or records they are querying and use the map feature to check if the grid reference is correct. If you change anything and resubmit then it will automatically inform the verifier that it needs to be looked at again.

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