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Major Bombylius
Slow Verification

Really enjoyed the garden bioblitz. Recorded 132 species all entered into irecord. However, 16 weeks later I just checked to see only 1 record has so far been verified (Grey Squirrel). I have noticed a few notifications of further evidence needed for things like Creeping Buttercup, Cock's-foot and other common garden species. So in reality not 132 records but 1. 131 may never end up as records. If I submitted to an LRC they would be processed far quicker.


Verification can be slow, as it's dependent on having verifiers able to give up time to do it, though things are improving as more experts come on board. There's also some changes afoot that should make better use of the existing verifiers and so speed up the process.

Your records also don't have any supporting information (pictures, etc), which makes it hard for verifiers who don't know you and your ID abilities personally to approve records.

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