Latest (March 2018) update to the species dictionary

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Latest (March 2018) update to the species dictionary

iRecord takes its species names from the UK Species Inventory (UKSI), which is maintained by the Natural History Museum. The UKSI is regularly updated, and periodically we update the iRecord  species dictionary to bring in the latest changes from the UKSI.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we will be bringing the next UKSI update into iRecord. This will bring in a large number of species names that have been added to the dictionary, and any edits required to existing names, to bring us into line with the UKSI. The species groups that have had major revisions include:

  • A major revision to the lists of marine species based on the UK Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) checklist
  • A major revision to names for fungi and lichens, collated by the British Mycological Society and the British Lichen Society
  • Earthworms: new species to bring us in line with the latest Earthworm Society of the British Isles checklist
  • Moths: adding some missing binomial names, where previously only the trinomial (subspecies) names were available

No action is required by iRecord users. If a name has changed, iRecord will display records using the currently accepted name, but if you entered the record using a previous species name that remains stored in the database in case there is ever a need to go back to the original recorded name.

If you have any queries over the UKSI names themselves, please post them on the NBN forum for the UKSI (queries about how iRecord uses the names can be added her of course).

Thanks to the Natural History Museum for maintaining the UKSI and making it available. Both NHM and iRecord would like to thank the many individual experts, recording scheme representatives and others who contribute towards updating the UKSI.