Temporary problem with Google maps

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Temporary problem with Google maps

Apologies, we are experiencing problems with the Google maps and aerial photos at the moment - we'll fix this as soon as we can. The maps should still display but are at a lower quality than usual, and you may see error messages.

On some forms, including the main enter records forms, it is possible to switch between map layers to show an Ordnance Survey map background. To do this, click on the white-on-blue cross in the top-right of the map. The layer switcher expands and you can click the radio buttons to select the base layer you want:




Temporary problem with Google maps

For anyone finding it difficult to get a precise location with the OS map, you can use an alternative site to get grid references for your records before logging on to iRecord.

http://gridreferencefinder.com/ provides satellite images of the UK and 10 figure grid references and 6 figure grid references. For a 10m square location,  reduce the 10 figures to 8 (e.g. SP 20127 75396 becomes SP 20127539). I save all records on Notepad and simply copy and paste in the relevant information.

Hope this helps while the problem is being sorted out.



Martin Sanford
Google Maps

Can you give an idea of how long it will take to fix this problem. I've just changed base maps to open street map on about a dozen indicia survey pages. They are no substitute for the Google satellite view and I'd like to know when I can put them back.

Hi Martin

Hi Martin

This problem has been fixed on iRecord now. I'll email you separately about getting your API key set up so that your own site is OK.

Best wishes


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