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Problems creating a new site

Yesterday I found the site terribly slow and also it was almost impossible to create a new site with the National Botanic Garden of Wales which I use.  It wouldn't even recognise the latter or do a search for it.  The only way was by clicking on the map and zooming in.  But that takes an awful lot of time to get the right area.

Is this a consequence of the recent upgrade?

Ongoing problems

I have the same problem, the site takes an incredibly long time to load each page. Searching through my records is painful.

I also have a problem with the Ladybird app - the map doesn't work & has an error message, my records never show as sent and won't load into my 'recent sightings' tab.

I've had the problems for months. I emailed in a query but got no response.

The ladybird app is no longer

The ladybird app is no longer supported as it is several years old.  It is no longer available via the App stores.  It will still be installed and used on some devices, and works for some phones.

There is a European Ladybirds app that replaces it, or if you do not need an ID guide the general iRecord app can be used for submitting sightings.

thanks, David


Alan Rowland
Failure to load

I too have problems. Trying to view my, or any other records, i am treated to a lengthy wait veiwing rotating circles. Eventually a message appears saying that it has failed to load. If I then try to type in a filter expression, the keyboard appears too briefly to select any letters then disappears. The site is unusable.

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