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Mapping in activities

Mapping when entering a casual record seems to work OK - I can specify one of my saved locations and the mapping shows the site correctly. However the mapping does not work on some of my activities. The British Dragonfly Society and Bulmershe Pond activities all map correctly but the Berkshire Moths and Upper Thames Butterfly activities do not. If I go in to these activities through the actrivities tab then click on enter records, regardless of whether I enter a saved site name or a new location in the location search, it seems to come up with a location in Oxfordshire and will not zoom in/out properly. Seems to be OK if I use the Enter a List of Records from the Record tab and specify a destination of Berkshire Moths or Upper Thames Butterflies.


Rich Burkmar
Mapping in activities

Hi there,

We fixed some problems with the mapping yesterday which I hope has fixed the problem you were experiencing.


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