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Kev Wilson

terrible website, just ridiculous to use! unable to aid with surveys!


I agree with KevWilson. I have given up trying to report a sighting today.


I have been reporting for a little over two years (1770 records) and can't see what your issue is.

Gustav Clark

iRecord provides a service, for which we pay nothing, giving access to expert verifiers, who are paid nothing.  The output is a very high quality database of records that gives a true reflection of our flora and fauna.  Free services are never going to compete with sites like iNaturalist that carry adverts, but their slickness covers up a host of problems, making many of their records of dubious value. 

If the service isn't working then try and be constructive: at least provide a detailed descrption of the problem. Perhaps the answer is for us to pay to use iRecord, but that is another matter.

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