Records not in a Vice County ie "Countyless"

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Records not in a Vice County ie "Countyless"

I have a few records that are on the border of the Vice Counties of Surrey and East Sussex. They should all be in East Sussex, but if a Vice County filter is applied they appear in neither county. As a result verifiers do not see them. My records are 11515539, 11514788, 11514696, 11514676, 11514631. They are all now in West Sussex administrative county.

Rich Burkmar BRC
These should be okay now

Hi Mike,

It looks as though this was part of a more general problem and not related to their proximity to the border. The records you listed are how indexed against location and should now show up against East Sussex. We are looking into the wider problem, but please let us know if you spot this for any records again.

Best wishes,


Thank You

That seems to have to solved the problem with those records. I haven't noticed it with any other records.


Another record not allocated a county

I noticed by chance this record 21580781 was not allocated a vice county and hence not in a verification list. This was 7 days after it had been input.

I have asked the recorder to edit and reubmit. Maybe that will allocate a VC?

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