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iRecord unavailable on 11 Sept for maintenance

Please note that iRecord (and other Indicia-linked websites) will be unavailable between for a time between 9am on Wednesday 11th and 9am on Thursday 12th September 2019. We do not expect the period of unavailability to last for very long, and certainly not for the whole 24 hours, but we can't predict exactly when within the day it will be unavailable.

This is due to essential maintenance (including a move to a new server). Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Problems since upgrade

I notice that since the server upgrade - Explore my records lists records but does not map them, The iRecord app shows a red arrow for every record I try to submit. Best regards, Graham

Now both working OK but I noticed this morning, after creating a couple of downloads, that the vice county update process does not seem to be working properly.  My records submitted via the iRecord app seem to aquiring a vice county (albeit with a mysterious gap for 9th September) but those submitted via the Bat Recording Activity do not.

More problems since upgrade

Also I can no longer save filters (something I've done many times before), as when I click on the save icon I get no response.

Paul K

Matt Smith
I'm seeing issues with the

I'm seeing issues with the Verification grid - Accepting or Querying records seems to have no effect on the displayed record, they remain on the grid with no changes apparent.

That is my problem too

Everything seemed to be working but, like Matt Smith has found, I look at a record, click on the appropriate accept/query/reject box and nothing happens.

I think people are able to submit records as my in-tray is growing.

It's very much faster now

But if I double click a record it zooms to that record but doesn't highlight it in red. If there are many records in that location then it's not obvious which record it is. I then need to make a single on the record highlighted to turn it red. 

Rich Burkmar
More problems since upgrade (filter problems)

Hi Paul,

We found a problem which I think was the root of your filter save problem (and a few others mentioned here) and I think it is fixed now. Can you see if you can save a filter now?


Many thanks, Rich - problem

Many thanks, Rich - problem sorted!

Paul K
Upgrade errors

Lock not working. Interrogation of photo album falls over. After entering data it says not transmitted

Saved location not interacting with the map

Hi all, the errors caused by

Hi all, the errors caused by the server switch should now be resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience,


record verification

It seems to be working now. Many thanks.

Orthoptera Records

Can't submit them via the Orthoptera website. Is that becauses of the upgrade?

BMS data entry has stopped working as well

I don't know if it's related to the upgrade but the Mydata: link now keeps on bouncing me back to the BMS home page.

Now fixed but I had to reset my Google Chrome.

Apologies for the disruption

Apologies for the disruption caused by the update.  This was caused by new security certificates affecting urls.  Hopefully the updates have worked through, but you may need to clear browser caches in some cases.

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