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Gustav Clark

What is the situation over the verification of spider records?  Looking at the records it appears that only records submitted via NatureSpot get verified, with records from  iRecord General  not verified for about three years.  The British Arachnological Society (BAS) runs the recording scheme, but when I look at NBN Atlas the BAS are not listed as supplying any data, and even for a common species like Zygiella x-notata the distibution is very patchy, and, implying that they are not feeding data into NBN..  I know that schemes have there own reasons for not sharing data, but given the importance of spiders in terrestrial ecosystems the absence of verified data must be seriously distorting the biodiversity analyses.

The reason I am raising this here is that I am about to add spiders to the groups I report, but there is no point if my records are just going to sit in limbo.

Last I heard the Spider

Last I heard the Spider Recording Scheme does not verify spider records on iRecord but only accepts them directly via MapMate or a spreadsheet: http://srs.britishspiders.org.uk/portal.php/p/Recording+spiders, or through their website for certain species. I do not know the situation with sharing data with the NBN Atlas.

I do still add my records to iRecord for my own personal info in these cases just because I like all my records in one place, and it is pretty easy to extract a spreadsheet and send them to scheme organisers that use other methods.



Gustav Clark

I guess that is a reasonable way to work.  I shall hang on to voucher specimens and keep collecting padded envelopes to send off for checking.  Comparing the BAS distribution maps with NBN Atlas there are big diffeerncecs, so I presume that they do not share their data.

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