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Email change

I have changed my email address to a personal one after being made redundant, however when I upload to ORKS I get irecord emails through the old work emails stating the records have been accepted, despite changing the email address in the account. Any ideas how I get them to come through the new email address? 

Gustav Clark

I posted a question on this 9/11/2019, as I havejust the same experience.  I think there are a few others, having had to search for my post.  I can confirm that after 4 months iRecord is still using the old address, and also that after 4 months I have had no response to my post.


Well that is less than helpfull, I tried to see if anyone had the same issue but couldn't see your post- must have been hidden, Not sure what else to try now

Gustav Clark
More to the point this

More to the point this appears to be a systematic problem that is not being addressed.  If it was just an isolated case, as mine appeared to be, then it could be ignored.  I didn't follow it up last year, perhaps that's why nothing happened.  Keep talking and this thread will stay visible.


I will be leaving LCC. How can I change to my gmail account?

Hi Folks,

As above? I would like to change this before I leave my current job? Oh and my user name as they both seem to be taken. I guess I might have two accounts somewhere? 

Yes, same problem, I only get

Yes, same problem, I only get emails to my soon to be redundant email address.

What's more the mismatch is messing up working with the app and the laptop. I have no idea what the app has stored for me but whatever it is when I am logged in on the app I can't relogin to go on the forum so have to do that on the laptop.

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