Photo - loss of quality in transmission

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Denise Johnson
Photo - loss of quality in transmission

I am very pleased to be a new contributor to irecord and look forward to sending in more reports. But the two photos I have sent so far seem much less clear on the irecord site than on my own phone when I sent them. It's a (new) Nokia 7.2 with a Zeiss camera and Android 10 system. Am I doing something wrong before sending? Thanks for any advice DJ

Re: Photo quality

I think I have always experienced this.  Indeed I have had a record rejected for validation because the images was not high enough quality where the image on the site was far lower (and I agree entierly impossible to allow identification from it) than the one I had uploaded.  Suspect the system needs to do something just to keep the storage it needs to do manageable and affordable but there does need to be some way to get a higher quality image to the verifier if it is needed.

Denise Johnson
Photo quality

Thank you for that, very helpful. 

It's not your phone's problem

Hi Denise, it's not the problem of your phone as it's the case for me as well when I share photos taken from my phone in WhatsApp, often the other person gets the same pic in low quality. So it's the case of change in platform rather than issue with the phone. So don't worry, keep taking photos and keep sharing with us.

I'm a big fan of wildlife photography and often finds it a great platform for me to enrich my photography skills as well. Though I'm working as a business executive in a company, I often find time for spending in my wildlife activities. I'm sure it's going to be a great community for us all to share and learn new things from different experiences of the members.


If the photo quality is good cropping the image may help as it will appear larger for the verifier. Small iRecord images cannot be enlarged that greatly on a computer.

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