Organisations that engage with iRecord

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Sam Lewsey
Organisations that engage with iRecord

Hi All,

Is there a list of organisations that DO engage with iRecord anywhere? I'm looking into setting up a relatively broad-ranging iRecord activity for a project I'm working on (recording across a range of taxa), but will only use it if the majority of our data can be propgated to the organisations we're working with. Just wondered whether there was a quick way to see, without going into the activity setting up process and seeing who I can invite.

Thanks in advance!


James Emerson
Most listed via help > sharing data with the NBN Atlas

Most of the organisations involved are listed via help > sharing data with the NBN Atlas (, although there are a few others that verify data but don't share it with the NBN Atlas (e.g. Agromyzidae recording scheme) so it isn't a complete list. Some groups are also verified on a local level too - that would probably need checking with a local records centre or natural history society.

Sam Lewsey
Thanks James! I'll have a

Thanks James! I'll have a look and see what I can find out.

hi Sam

hi Sam

James is right that we list datasets regularly supplied to the NBN Atlas and this lists a number of organisations.  In addition, we enable all local environmental records centres to download data for their region, to use for the work locally.  Similarly, all national recording schemes are able to download records for their species groups.  We do not track which LERCs and NSS use this facility so can't directly answer your question, but many will have their own processes for accessing data from multiple sources.  Other organisations such as National Trust, RSBP and Woodland Trust have a direct download facility for their nature reserves.

Hope that helps


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