Automatic checks field in downloaded data

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Automatic checks field in downloaded data

When you download your records (or when records are downloaded using the LERC download featue) there is a field called 'automated checks' showing whether or not the record passed these checks. Some records are flagged with 'pass' and others show the rule check(s) which the record has 'failed'. However I notice that a number of the 'pass' records are for species groups which, as far as I know,  there are no automated checks in place (e.g. fungi). So really these records didn't pass any checks at all - they just didn't fail any. If someone wishes to make use of the data in this field to consider likely validiy of a record then the download need to differentiate between those that pass, those that fail and those records which have not undergone any checks at all.

Please could some consideration be given to this when reviewing record downloads.