Unable to upload Plant Survey -HELP

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Unable to upload Plant Survey -HELP

Unable to upload plant survey. I can upload a single record that's not in a survey.

it looks like any plant survey with Vice County entered cant be uploaded  - help You cant delete the Vice County either!!

Plant surveys and vice counties

Wondering whether this is still an issue?  I have a plant survey that I was just about to upload, but haven't yet put the vice county in.  Will I be able to add the VC to all the records en bloc if I upload it without it?  (I will probably risk it and upload without the VC for now.)  

Upload of plant survey failed (without VC)

I didn't add a VC.  Clicked on 'upload' and it whirled for a few seconds, but nothing happened.  It's still on the app.  I tried a second time and again nothing happened.  So now they are sitting in limbo.  I was going to use irecord to upload another list, but don't think I will for now.  Also, it had allowed me to accidentally record some species out of the square (ones I took home to check).  Some species that were recorded in the square have 6 figure locations, others don't show anything on the list, but if I click on them, they have the grid 4-fig reference.  There's no obvious reason why.  I've used it before, and it worked well, so hopefully it's a temporary bug.  The warning when going out of the square was useful in the previous version.  Appreciate that it may not be being used very much, and may not warrant the time spent to fix it though.

Thanks, sorry for the issues

Thanks, sorry for the issues you're experiencing. We have logged this as one of the top priority tasks to work on when we have the capacity to work on the iRecord App. 

One has uploaded

Appreciate that there likely hasn't yet been time to work on this, but thought it was worth mentioning that I just tried uploading three plant surveys again, and one survey (with 70 records and no photos) uploaded fine, but the other two haven't uploaded.  I tried logging out and logging in again (checking that I didn't delete them), but it didn't help.  One survey from May is 36 records, without any photos.  The other from July is 76 records including about 25 photos.  

Plant Survey


Has this issue been resolved yet?

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