Update to the iRecord species dictionary (August 2020)

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Update to the iRecord species dictionary (August 2020)

Next Monday 3 August we will be applying the latest update to the species dictionaries in iRecord. The species names we use are based on the UK Species Inventory (UKSI), a national taxonomic database that is maintained by the Natural History Museum (NHM). Periodically we update the iRecord dictionaries to match the latest changes in the UKSI. Monday's update will bring in a wide range of additions and revisions. Unfortunately this means that iRecord will be unavailable for about five hours from 8am on Monday.

For data that is already stored in iRecord, any name changes will be handled so that the new names are used when viewing the records on the website or in downloads. The iRecord database retains the name that was originally used at the point of data being entered. For records being added to iRecord following the update, you will see the new names in the drop-down lists for species.

To look up more information on any particular name and its synonyms you can search for names via the UKSI Sandbox. If you wish to raise any queries about the UKSI (as opposed to iRecord) you can do so via the NBN discussion forum.

You can of course enter records using the English name for a species, but if you are using the scientific names we recommend that you use the latest version of the names that iRecord offers by default. However, if you need to enter an old name (synonym) you have the option to do so via the “Enter a list of records” forms. To do this, go to the "Species" section of the Enter a list form, and click on the blue filter button next to the word “Species”. This opens up some filter options that allow you to set the form to show “All names including common names and synonyms”.

species list updates

It seems that Senecio jacobaea is still an accepted name when entered via 'enter a casual record', but is rejected when loaded using a .csv file.

iRecord support

Hi Julia, thanks for highlighting this. It looks like we haven't quite got the links right for Ragwort - in the current version of UKSI the preferred name is "Jacobaea vulgaris", and "Senecio jacobaea" is now a non-preferred synonym. In iRecord, on the website forms, we are still allowing both names, which is incorrect, so we'll get that fixed.

However, that doesn't explain why "Senecio jacobaea" is being rejected from the CSV import. Could you send a copy of your import file (or the relevant part of it) to the irecord email address please?


Common Darter missing

Today (17.08.20) I was unable to enter Common Darter as a dragonfly species in the dragonfly specific forms. I could use Sympetrum striolatum - which is fine for me - but there will be some people who don't use / know the scientific names.

Added 18.08.20. I have verified quite a few "Common Darter" records this year for VC11 but now it seems that we are missing all Common Darter records entered using the dragonfly specific form before 17.08.20 (when the user had to use Sympetrum striolatum into the system) when I view them using Explore all records or look at the accepted records on the verification pages. 

Common Darter missing

I am also having the same issue with Common darter missing from the species dictionary and am aware of two other recorders having the same issue.

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