How do the reserves I record from access our records?

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Mitch T
How do the reserves I record from access our records?

Hi there, I recently started recording insects, mainly hoverfly and dragonfly from 2 of our local nature reserves. This was done with the theory someone is giving something back to the people who painstakingly run them if they want to access the information or photographs. These are places I have spent 30 years watching and photographing birds on. Today I met and discussed with the Site Manager from one of the reserves how the information is accessed, as he pointed out he wouldn't mind being able to view it, particularly by grid reference. Can someone please tell me how the Site Manager can access my records and make use of the information I have sent in, if and when he wants to? Many thanks, kind regards Mitch

Gustav Clark
I have had this discussion

I have had this discussion with our local WT.  They have two data sources, their own survey records and the LERC.  I discussed it with the LERC, who use records submitted to it and also downloads from NBN Atlas.  I  reckon it could take a couple of years for records to complete the circuit, plus another six months for someone at the WT to promulgate the information to their reserve managers.  After discussions with both I am now extracting my own iRecord records for the local WT reserves and submitting lists to both the WT and LERC, including the iRecord record numbers to avoid them being subsequent submitted as new records. 

I used to assume that the WT would be tagetting this sort of work, as anyone administering a reserve needs to have up to date information so they can assess how effective their mamagement is.  However, estate management has to take priority and that is what the staff are paid for.  It is a classic case where amateurs sometimes have to take the lead.

James Emerson
Get him to sign up for an account

There is a nature reserve that I record at fairly regularly and I do the same as Gustav, i.e. download records on to a spreadsheet and email direct.

However, what I would suggest it that if the site manager has expressed an interest that he signs up for an iRecord account. Whilst I don't think you can search for a particular person's records, you can find records for a particular site using the all records, create a filter option. You should be able to do it for a grid reference too, although personally that doesn't always work for me.

John H Bratton
Records for reserves

If you have records which you feel should be taken into account by a nature reserve manager, my advice is don't rely on a Wildlife Trust hq to hunt out the records from another organisation, and don't rely on the Wildlife Trust hq passing information on to their reserve managers. Get your records on to paper, hand them personally to the manager, and talk the manager through the list pointing out which are the significant species, exactly where they occur and what are their habitat needs. You will still find reserve managers who will mow at the wrong time of year, fill in the important puddle, etc., in fact so frequently you might think they have used your info to choose where to do the damage, but at least you will have done as much as can be expected. By coincidence I was making a mental list only yesterday of the NNRs where the warden had destroyed the habitat I had highlighted as important for invertebrates., and I came up with four in less than a minute. In one case, he was paying me to do the survey. You may find amateur wardens much more sympathetic. Unfortunately, professionals may see another rare species as just an unwanted complication in their job and they will get rid before it gets written into the management plan.

Mitch T
How the information is accessed

A big thank you to anyone who left a response, upon meeting the site manager again I did offer to print my records off and hand over the specific ones for that reserve. The response was he would rather have them sent by email. The offer is there for the future. Thank you also for the piece on habitat being destroyed, my cries of "not the wildflowers!!! "has been drowned out 3 times this year with the noise of strimmers being used by smiling volunteers/workers. All the best everyone. 

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