Update to the Download page and the Activity explore and summary pages

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iRecord support
Update to the Download page and the Activity explore and summary pages

A new “Download records” page has been added today, and is available under the “Explore” menu. The new process is faster, has no limit on the number of records, and offers additional filtering options. You can also choose between the standard format (which is very similar to the csv downloads that have always been available) and a new simplified format (which provides a reduced set of the main biological record columns, and may be easier to work with).

Full details of the new process are in the Help section under using the new Download page.

In the Activities, if you use an "Activity summary" or "Explore activity records" view you will see that these have also been updated. Activities containing large numbers of records were beginning to fail to display, so moving them to the new system allows these pages to open up more quickly and reliably. However,  a downside is that at the moment they only show records with 1km square dots. We will investgate options for improving the resolution of maps for smaller areas.

Download after Verification

I do not seem to be able to access my Verification filters to steer the Download, regarding date range etc. Previously I could. There is only a test filter offered in Custom Filters. Sorry - I emailed this to you when I should have put the query here :)

Major Bombylius
Download problems

I have recently added a lot of records using the Beautiful Burial Grounds Churchyard Survey form. The download options includes one for selecting a specific survey or activity. But it does not include this one. Seems to have just about everything else. Has it just not been updated? I also can't save this as one of my activities. Or rather I can save it but the save doesn't work and it only shows older surveys I participated in eg Garden Bioblitz. irecord just seems full of these kind of glitches which are very frustrating. 

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