New lifestage terms available in the main recording forms

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New lifestage terms available in the main recording forms

Previously the main "Enter a casual record" and "Enter a list of records" forms have offered a limited set of lifestage terms, e.g. "pre-adult" was the only option available for early stages. These are being replaced with a set of dynamic terms that will match the species group you are entering. For example, a butterfly can now be recorded as a larva or pupa, while a moss can be recorded as a gametophyte or sporophyte. Further term lists will be introduced when available.

So far we have had a report from one person of the recording forms failing to work with the new term lists - please let us know if you experience any problems as a result of this change.

iRecord no longer working

Yes I am experiencing this issue. Ever time I try to submit an entry (Ladybirds so far) it fails to accept the record even after selecting adult

Gustav Clark
See the Problems with Saving

See the Problems with Saving a Record thread in How Do I ... for more comments

Issues with lifestage terms.

It would be a very useful feature but it doesn't work for me. It appears to work and I select the relevant option but when I press submit it says 'The data could not be saved'. However, it then gives me the old options (adult, pre-adult, other) and after I select one of those it works.

iRecord support
Saving records

We added another update last night that we think has resolved the problem of records not saving, but let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties.

Gustav Clark
Seems OK

It works, list of stages is appropraite.  Thanks for the quick response

Major Bombylius

there are still problems. It doesn't always seem to recognise the appropriate stage for a particular taxon eg adult option for plants. But after entering a few with this issue it suddenly corrected itself and allowed "flowering" etc. It's still confused with some taxa eg lichens gets adult/pre-adult and won't save unless you select "other"

Jane T
I'm still having problems -

I'm still having problems - not every time. It's when I'm entering a list of records and maybe it's worse when I add more records, I'm not sure. I'll try to see if there's any specific thing that causes the problem. I get the following error message:

The data could not be saved.

Validation errors occurred when this form was submitted to the server. The form configuration may be incorrect as it appears the controls associated with these messages are missing from the form.

The value is required.
   (related to attribute [occAttr:829])


And the input form reverts to the old 4 options. I've added values in for some, but not all and the record submits. I've not tried to submit the record without adding any values. I'll let you know if I can get it to reliably not submit!


Ranald Lamb
input list of records

Still refusing to save for me too. A real pain and wasted time inputting only to lose it all. Please fix asap!

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