Great White Egret

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Great White Egret

HI The Great White Egret has been coming to Combe Valley repeatedly - but you still want to verify my photos using the CountyrBird Recorder.

Please let him'her know that the GWE is now settling in - there were a pair last week and now one of them is seemingly territorial and is flapping its wings at anything that comes near,

so we are hoping for a nest in trees above a large clump of reeds with plenty of water to fish in.  I am going to check each week to see if it really does intend to stay permanently.

Previoulys seen flying around the Valley on 19 Nov 20.



David E P Dennis LCGI RAF

i naturalist records

I live in a very suburban part of Liverpool and since lockdown have been keenly observing birds coming into my back garden and flying above it-I have been surpised at the variety and have been regularly reporting my photos to i naturalist. Should I also refer my sightings to i Record ? I have had quick verification on i Record with photos of sawflies, moths, bees and plants but not it appears for birds.  Thank you.

Gustav Clark
Verification matters

Records need to be verified no matter how common the species or trusted the recorder.  Verification is not a sign of distrust, it is simply a human intervention to say that you are right.  It is quite hard to write computer code that recognises that your GWE records should be trusted, but still questions your neighbour who reports a Glossy Ibis.  Thre are too many species and too much variation in the skill of our recorders to hand it over to the machines.

The same arguments apply to iNaturalist. That relies on a crowd-sourced verification system with no checking for experience and often accepting totally implausible records .  iRecord may not be the best site for recording birds, as the verifiers get rather overwhelmed by the volume of records, but choose one that does use human verification.

BirdTrack for birds

You might find BirdTrack a more effective place to record bird sightings, as it is long-established. I put most other records on irecord though.

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