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App map feedback

Hi, Might it be possible to make a couple of additions to the map view:

1) Toggle the visble records by 'this year', and 'all years'. This enables you to distinguish record ages.
2) Toggle by irecord 'speces group' to, for example, only display butterfly records
3) I think that currently only records submitted via the app are shown on the map. Could the app pull down / synch all irecord records so that browser submitted records and irecord butterfly app records are also shown. This would help merge the separate pools of data that exist currently.

I realise the app is not trying to replace the irecord website, but the above would be helpful to determine if a sighting is 'important' or not when out and about.


There is also the wider question of data synch between the irecord butterflies app, the irecord app, and irecord itself. For example the butterfly app 'extras' showing what's been seen in the local area is a nice feature, but I prefer to use the main irecord app as I record non-butterfly sightings, it has the map feature, and doesnt require app switching. If data was synched between the apps it would remove the need to commit to one app or the other, or keep switching. Ideally the group specific submission apps would feed data into the irecord 'ecosystem' and the irecord app would have access to all that data when displaying maps and information.


Thanks for providing such a great set of apps and their ongoing development.

Thanks for the suggestions, I

Thanks for the suggestions, I have added your comments to a feature request:

It is also good to know you're using the map. It is currently hidden under the 'Experiments' toggle as we weren't sure people will want this.



I am sure there's lots of potential in this area to assist recorders by highlighting the potential 'usefulness' of logging a sighting using the map / app. E.g. has this speces ever been seen in this square, when was the last record if so, has it been recorded this year? etc. All good motivation to log records!

An interesting idea, and

An interesting idea, and potentially very handy.  Needs several things doing to it though.

1) Species filter.

2) Date range filter.

3) A facility to load all (not just app) records so you've got your full dataset to map.

4) A nice to have would be to be able to share the resulting map via email etc.  My phone only produces screen shots when I don't need it to so something more automated would be great.

Thanks again for all your great work.

Best wishes, Graham

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