Common Darter dragonfly

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Common Darter dragonfly

The common name for Sympetrum striolatum, Common Darter dragonfly is not recgonised in the iRecord app, I am running V.5.3.0. The pull down list only contains Sympetrum striolatum spp. striolatum.

The desktop app does contain the common name but does not show this once entered in the 'Explore My records' list only the scientific name is shown.

Why is this?

Gustav Clark
NBN Atlas,

This uses the same checklist as iRecord, but gives more detail.  The only Sympetrum striolatum listed is the subsp. striolatum, amd for the UK the species name alone is not accepted, presumably becaus ethe other subspecies are significant and may eventually turn up in the UK.  Scientific names for dragonflies are probably more stable than other grous so yu won't encounter this sort of problem too often.

The disappearance of the common name from the Reords disply page has been reported for other species.  It seems to be associated with a name change, e.g. Ranculus fivaria to Ficaria verna

Common darter still a problem

Still having the same problem as reported by Stephen above - v5.4.0. Please can this be looked at. At present it is impossible to record the taxon at the the species level via the app, only sub-species is available, which strictly speaking is not an adequate substitute.


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