Strange geometry on records

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Strange geometry on records

I have some records taken from iRecord into ARCGIS that appear to have been distorted from their expected shape, e.g. at ST857104 about 1% of the records do not appear as squares, but with their corners shifted in apprently random directions - not enough to be unrecognisable but enough to look odd. However on the iRecord maps they are appearing as expected. Example record:  brc1|17888148. As far as I know we are taking the geometry direct from iR, not regenerating it. I have 1700 records that are recognisably too big for 100m resolution records and presumably a similar number that will be too small. 


Any ideas how this might have happened and whether it can be corrected?





Dear Gordon

Dear Gordon

Just wondering how you are taking the records from iRecord into ARCGIS?  I have seen similar thing with other data when the ARCGIS coordinate reference system did not match that of the data.

Best wishes


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