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Bat records


I'm about to start uploading bat a large number of records from static and handheld detecting sessions, a big archive,  over the last three years. Where it is not clear what species is involved but for instance it's clear it's Brandts/Whiskered , is there a function where this can be done for future analysis, surely better to have it down as this rather than no entry? What are others doing? And where a rarer record has already been confirmed by an expert in the field, is it possible to make this notation, to help anyone checking the validity of the record? Need to cover these areas before I start to enter data and come to a halt midway through entering some session data. Any help appreciated.

Gustav Clark
There are records which

There are records which record  Myotis mystacinus/brandtii, and it is possible to enter this combination in the 'Enter a Casual Record' form. Most recorders seem to have assigned auditory recordings to one specoes or the other, which does detract frm their value.  

I would suggest using the determiner field to show where there has been expert advice, and defineitely make as much use of the comments fields as you can.

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