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Nick Buie
Mountain birch

New to this site, I'm trying to find records of betula pubescens subsp. tortuosa and can find none at all.  I find that difficult to believe, so I'm assuming it's because I'm still grappling with finding my way around.  Can anyone help?

Gustav Clark
NBN Atlas has many records

NBN Atlas has many records which you can download to get details.  BSBI Maps also has many reeocds, coded by date.  Unfortuntately hese are not down-loadableunless you have access to their database..  NBN have 482 records, BSBI  has around the same number, so it looks as tough they have been shared.

I suggest that the reason there are no records in iRecord is that recorders simply haven't gone down to subspecirs level.  Subsp tortuosa is definitely available.for data entry.

Nick Buie
thanks for that.  I found

thanks for that.  I found records on NBN atlas but I'm finding the site almost unusable at the moment, hopefully they sort that soon

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