Correcting errors on iRecord

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Correcting errors on iRecord

This is not about the verification process - this is about errors in records that have already been verified. There are, regrettably, some records on iRecord which have passed verification which are clearly incorrect. Often it is errant location information; just explore records and filter for accepted records only and you'll find lots of verified records in the sea - hares, ladybirds, voles - all sorts.  Yet unless I am the verifier for the particular errant record, the only course of action I have is to write a comment on the record and hope that the recorder picks up the message and corrects the ID. Which is fine, but having tried that on numerous occasions it seldom works. For example the records may come from a source  (e.g. an app or a link from iNatualist) where they will never log in to iRecord to manage their records. As far as I can tell there is no way of flagging this to the relevant verifier, since as a user I do not have a way of contacting the current active verifier(s) for the particular species/location in question (which may well be different from the peron who originally verified the record). 

Therefore I feel there should be a mecanism where users can flag errant records so that the verifier is made aware of the error and can correct it, either by querying with the original recorder, changing the grid ref or by flagging it as incorrect.  Anyone else any thoughts/suggestions on this...



Gustav Clark
For many cases the issue has

For many cases the issue has to be dealt with by the recording societies, as ultimately it is they who appoint the verifiers and who are the custodians of data quality.  If records are flagged as erroneous it should be possible to feed the record ID back to iRecord and to inform the recorder by email that their data is being rejected.

However, in the case of the glaringly obvious Ladybirds in the North Sea cases, I would trust Biological Records Centre staff to pick them out and dump them, with a message to the recorder informing them of what is happening.  

In thoery that may be true

In thoery that may be true for some, but not all, cases, but some of the records I mentioned were verified in 2017 and have sat errantly on the system since then. Clearly that isn't happening. What I'm suggesting is that there should be a mechanism to give a 'heads up' to a verifier for a record that needs to be re-checked. Errant data erodes confidence in the system, particularly from those who are sceptical about iRecord (and there are still many). We should be doing all we can to ensure good data quality and have mechanisms for fixing errors when they are found. At present I feel that mechanism is missing. I'm a verifier - I will have made mistakes. I'd be delighted if someone pointed out an error for me to correct.


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