Mobile Phone Hand Grip Holder

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Mobile Phone Hand Grip Holder

I am realtively new to photographing butterflies and similar sized subjects. When out 'in the field' I want to take photographs for iRecord identification. I have tried using my DSLR, my smaller and lighter Digital camera (14x zoom) and my mobile phone. For such a task what is needed is something which is light and portable, with easy-access controls and is sufficiently stable.

My DSLR fails from a point of view of weight and portability, despite the advantages of lens quality and sensitivity (22 million pixels). It is, of course, perfect for studio quality photos, but requires a good, easily adjustable and rock steady tripod, so is not so good on portability. The smaller digital camera (non reflex) is great on weight and portability, but has slightly fiddly controls. Being small it is difficult to hold steady. My mobile phone is light and portable, but the controls are a nightmare with buttons on the sides, as well as touch-screen controls which I touch/brush at all the wrong moments. It is also not easy to hold steady. So, what to do?

Googling through camera accesories at a well-known online retailer, I came across a "mobile phone hand grip holder". With this I can hold any of the three camera types with a pistol grip which attaches to the camera shoe screw-socket on the camera base (or in the case of the mobile phone, it comes with a mobile phone 'grip clamp').

I have now used it with the mobile phone and it is a revelation. The camera/phone is now held securely and my hands are kept away from all unintended touching of the controls. The pistol grip now acts as a stabiliser as it is easier to hold firmly than the camera/phone itself. It is perfect for the intended use. Photographs are now good enough to ensure correct identification and it is portable in the extreme. Another advantage is that the photos are stored on the same 'computer' as the iRecord App, so it is a much simpler job to transfer them to the iRecord entry.

Cost of this handy gadget? £14.99 (incl VAT) UK delivered.

Notes: This is not an advert for any particular make, but describes the one I bought. I still use both the other camera types depending on location and how I feel!