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Grid Reference incorrect

Our Wildflower Group has started to use iRecord more often ( I've been using it for some years)

A recent Plant Survey was made by my colleague had problems with setting the grid reference. He corrected the grid reference before sending the records the next day.

However the Grid Reference of the records in iRecord are incorrect in the record list, but if you look at the record details the Grid is correct.

How can we correct the error?

I think, what typically

I think, what typically happens is that any plant entry inherits the survey location at the time of creation (i.e. when a plant species is added ot the list). The GPS is also run at the same time which should then improve upon this location and set precise coords for the entry. If you later change the survey-level location it won't be reflected in the plant entries. The reason for this is that GPS might have already pinned the plants to exact coords which shouldn't be changed when modifying the survey location. I understand that sometimes GPS doesn't work in the field and the inherited surey location should be updated in case the survey location is manually changed but that is a missing feature that we haven't had the time to develop yet.

My suggestion for now would be to manually update any plant locations on the website.

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