Password problems and email address changes

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Password problems and email address changes

I use phone app and also login in on laptop. 

I logged in afresh on phone. I went to help and was asked to log in again. Refuses to recognise login details I just used and reentered by typing. This actually means that if iRecord wrongly refuses 5 times you get blocked and have to wait an unspecified amount or time or change password. Thankfully I can rest password to same password. But app help password box does not accept that this has been done, even if this is a new log in to app, and bleats you failed more than 5 times.

Whether I add records by laptop or phone app the irecord emails go to my old email address which is no longer on my laptop record. I have no idea if there is a separate phone app setof personal details as they can't be found via the app.


This issue has been rumbling for ages and it is tiresome.


Maybe put an eye button next to all password requests please.


Thank you.