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I've been adding sightings to iRecord more or less since lockdown began - I took up macro photography and wanted to find a use for my pictures. To date I have submitted 271 records (which considering I have taken over 30,000 pictures is really rather poor on my part :) ). 121 of these have not been reviewed. Of these 27 are over a year old. Of the remainder there are 6 from April and 2 from June. 

This is in no way a complaint - I have volunteered for similar activities in the past and am aware of how difficult it can be to fit everything into busy lives. I just wonder if the "really" (year old) old records now stand no chance of being reviewed? I was quite surprised to see a few hoverfly records not reviewed, I know how diligent Roger is.  The majority of unreviewed records are diptera and the locations are covered mainly by West Kent and South Essex (these being my main patches).

IS there a system that can ping old records back into view to get them reviewed?

Thanks for all the work that is done on this site.

Mark P.


Can I just bump this up to try and get some kind of response??

Barry Walter
Re: Record reviews

Waiting years for reviews is not unusual. In fact, just today, I got a notification for a record I uploaded in January 2019 - and in the past, I have gotten reviews for records even older than that. There are various reason why this might happen. For details, see the section entitled "Why haven't all my records been verified?" at the bottom of this help article.

I don't think you should worry too much about this issue. Your records will always be useful, whether they eventually get reviewed or not.



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