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irecord app suggestions

I personally use the irecord app for recording my dragonfly surveys but am having a lot of difficulty persuading other amateur naturalists and casual spotters to use it.  It isnt user friendly in my opinion.  Having to get people to read a pdf on how to use the app just isnt going to work in this day and age.  

I am positive I could encourage many more people to use irecord to record dragonflies if it was the same as the butterfly version but for dragonflies.   That one is so simple and includes being able to put the exact amount seen.  I doubt anyone would need to read a pdf to use that.

A couple of things that erk me when im using it is the count system.    IE 20-100.   There's a big difference in amount of dragonflies at my sites if someone says 20 v 100.  Is there any chance to get that changed to just a normal count box?

Also i found out recently if i'm at home and quickly use the app to record some sightings, it will record my home grid ref even if I choose the correct location on the map section.  I am not sure if thats a bug or as design ?


What would be required to have the butterfly irecord app copied and adjusted to be for Dragonflies?   Is it a matter of funding?




Thanks for your questions.

Thanks for your questions. The purpose of the iRecord App is to serve different recording communities as a general recording app whereas the iRecord Butterflies is tailored specifically for the butterfly recording. The iRecord App must remain flexible and efficient when entering a wide range of data, even if this sometimes doesn't provide the optimal user experience. Having said this, we are still tweaking the species attributes that the app allows us to capture and we can also add more species-specific surveys (under the record button long-tap menu). I suggest forwarding your query about different abundance ranges to David Roy at He should be able to tell if there is some capacity to build the dragonflies app too.


Regards the picking of the location using the map, the GPS shouldn't overwrite this unless you manually triggered the geolocate button (pin icon). If you provided some more details by creating a new issue and filling in the details here then we could have a look at this. Thanks!

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