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Hi there.


I have just got a new mobile phone and reloggeg in, with a new password. I am the same email address, but instead of around 180 postings , it now just shows the one I have just loaded and posted. Dies this mean a the previous data is now lost yo irecord and me ?



What a massive shame if it has. 


My address is 2 Conifrr Drive Hambrook V

Chichester PO18 8TU 


Jon Keynes 

James Emerson
Submitted data will still be on iRecord, just not on new phone

If you have submitted 180 records then these haven't been lost to iRecord, they will still be on the main system available to verifiers and to you if you access via a computer. Unfortunately the records stored on an individual phone are not available on a different phone, so if you have downloaded the app on your new phone then the records you submitted via the old one won't show up on it.

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