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Videos as records


I had a record rejected because the recorder couldn't confirm the ID from the picture. I totally get that. The ID would have been confirmable if I could have posted a video of the record as the way the specific creature moves is pretty much diagnostic for the family (which is what I recorded). My record was of a Whirligig Beetle and I totally understand that a stationery picture of one is not very helpful. IF I could have posted a video it may have made a difference. Is there any chance this may happen/be available in the future? Are space and bandwidth limitations preventing this?

Just enquiring

James Emerson
Looks like the verifier wants species-level only

I can't answer the part about whether videos will be allowed in the future, although I suggest that as you say it's partly a bandwith issue and partly that a video will only occasionally be more useful than a still photo for the verifier. Having had a look at various Whirligig Beetle records it appears that the verifier for this group is only accepting records where a specimen has been identified to species, so whenever someone has recorded a whirligig beetle to family level or genus level he has rejected the record as "rejected as unable to verify". So in other words a video wouldn't help in this scenario. Different schemes and verifiers have individual approaches to accepting records below species level - some welcome them and verify in the same way as species, some mark as plausible so they don't show up on the downloaded dataset and others take this route.

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